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Telephone#: (201) 993-1265

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Location: Secaucus, NJ


The reviews and testimonials below are from current pupils and parents of Piano Playground, and were compiled from their spoken words, emails, texts, social media, and other forms of communication.

Reviews from Parents

"Loren is very patient and encouraging, my daughter loves going to her piano lesson! And she's picking it up so quickly! Would definitely recommend lessons with Loren to any parents looking to foster a love and appreciation of music in their child's life."-Jennifer

"My kids enjoyed their class so much. She is very patient and makes piano lessons fun." -Mojoyin

"The recital was such a wonderful event and experience for us." -Louie

"My son told me his piano lessons is the best thing I have given him." -Shital

"Thank you for all that you do and for your kindness and patience. You are a wonderful teacher, the kids are very lucky to have you!" -Karen

"Thank you for having my daughter. I'm so happy she's getting to experience this opportunity that will last a lifetime." -Kristen

"My daughter was counting down the days till her next class." -Tina

"My child is really enjoying your class. So sorry we didn't find you sooner." -Denise

"I love your teaching style. I really enjoyed watching your class." -Elana

"My daughter really seems to enjoy your class. Your method books are very thorough." -Melinda

"Thank you for your wonderful job!!!" -Badiene

"My two boys love your classes." -Ingrid

"My son looks forward to his lessons every week. I love that he enjoys his visits with you. You are very nice, very patient, and understanding." -Miriam

"Got quick responses and came to know of various good options around my vicinity. Perfect." -Anand

Reviews from Pupils

"You're so much better than my last teacher." -Jayde

"Piano class is my favorite." - Jesse

"I didn't know I would like it as much as I did." -Rae-Anne

"I wish I could stay here all day. I can't wait for my next lesson!" -Kira

"That was fun!" -Ian

"That was awesome!" -Madison

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For each new person you refer that signs up for lessons with Piano Playground, you will get one free lesson! There's no limit on how many friends you can refer to get free lessons!


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